Gameshastra Launches New Outsourcing Facility


Gameshastra has launched a game services facility in India that houses skilled project teams and provides game development, art, animation and QA services for a variety of gaming platforms.

Activision announced that it will be working closely with Gameshastra on some upcoming projects at the inauguration of the new facility.

The CEO of Gameshastra, Inc., Prakash Ahuja, said Gameshastra’s services and state of the art facility will help game publishers meet creative challenges and new product demands.

Gameshastra is also trying to promote console gaming culture in India by opening a “Console Game Zone” where gamers can try out the latest titles on next generation consoles.

Gameshastra plans to invest another $20 million in the facility over two years and plans on employing over 1,000 people in the next 18 months.

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