Gamespot Review of Kane & Lynch Heavily Edited

Jeff Gerstmann’s review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has been significantly edited to soften its highly-negative stance on the game, according to a post at Joystiq.

The editor’s note at the bottom of the review says the review has been updated to note “differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and a clarification on the game’s multiplayer mode.” This statement is apparently true, but a comparison with the original review of the game, found in a Google cache of the EB Games site, shows the changes went considerably beyond that.

The opening paragraph of the review has removed references to the game as “ugly” and “clunky,” saying instead that the game “squanders much of its potential and just doesn’t come together as well as it probably should have.” Other changes to the text point out more positive aspects of the game, or appear intended to soothe hurt feelings at Eidos.

It is unknown whether representatives from CNET or Eidos, or Gerstmann himself, had any hand in the edits, and at this point nobody has issued any comments. The full text of the review, including original content as well as all edits made, can be read at Joystiq.

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