Gamespot released a statement on the controversial firing of Executive Editor Jeff Gerstmann, but those interested in the affair will glean little in the way of new information.

“The past week marked the end of an era at Gamespot. After over a decade in a variety of editorial roles, Jeff Gerstmann’s tenure as editorial director has ended,” the statement began.

The rather short and succinct message acknowledges Gerstmann as “a central figure” in Gamespot’s creation and recognizes him as one who will be “missed” by staff.

But the central question of why he was fired goes unanswered in the statement, which dutifully repeats the policy of Gamespot’s parent corporation, CNET: “Details of Gerstmann’s departure cannot be disclosed publicly.”

The statement does add, however, that the ire of advertisers had nothing to do with the decision: “However, contrary to widespread and unproven reports, his exit was not a result of pressure from an advertiser.”

That explanation will come as a surprise to those who took note of the removal of Gerstmann’s Kane & Lynch video review from the company’s website.

Judging from the six pages of user comments that mounted within several hours of the statement’s posting, Gamespot’s readers are largely dissatisfied and dubious of the explanation.

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