Gamestop Discusses The Console Launches


In a conference call yesterday, Gamestop discussed Wii and PS3 launch availability.

David Carlson, the executive VP of Gamestop, remains uncertain about how many console systems they will receive from Nintendo and Sony. He explains that they expect, “Around a million units of PS3 in the US, which is somewhere around half or less of what Sony has said [it would ship].” They also expect roughly 750,000 Wii units, but they won’t really know “until they actually show up at our warehouse” Carlson added.

After taking too many pre-orders against too few consoles for the Xbox 360 launch, Gamestop does not plan to take any money for the upcoming systems until they have firm launch numbers. While they expect to know more by the end of August from Nintendo, the PS3 quantities will remain a mystery for some time to come.

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