GameStop Now Taking Wii U Reserves


The world’s biggest gaming retailer is offering trade-in bonuses for gamers pre-ordering the Wii U.

With the Wii U release date and price revealed earlier today, it was only a matter of time before major retailers started taking pre-orders for the console. GameStop, the world’s biggest gaming retailer, announced that gamers can now reserve the Wii U at their stores. Additionally, GameStop is offering several trade-in bonuses for gamers looking to put money towards the Wii U.

For those looking to trade in old consoles, GameStop is giving $50 trade-in credit for Wii systems; $90 for the original Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, or 3DS; $115 for an original PS3 or slim Xbox 360; and $140 trade credit for a slim PS3. PowerUp Rewards members can get $10 extra credit on each of the aforementioned trades.

An employee at my local GameStop informed me that a $50 deposit is required for either Wii U bundle, but PowerUp Rewards members only have to put $25 down. A number of Wii U games are also available to reserve, with the usual $5 down requirement.

In the past, the number of console pre-orders at GameStop has been extremely limited, though it varies by store. Those hoping to get a Wii U on launch day should probably move quickly.

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