The savior of Mushroom Kingdom is shedding his Nice Guy image in favor of something altogether more “urban.”

For Nintendo fans in the eighties, “Doing the Mario” meant dancing along with Lou Albano as swung his arms from side to side. But times change, and “The Mario” has changed with them, specifically into a hilariously overwrought slice of gangster rap.

The new versions of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad, are quite different from the plumbers, dinosaurs and walking mushrooms of previous years. Now, they’re gun-toting thugs, who shoot indiscriminately at things, spend time with a plethora of ladies, gamble, and get high. This would be fairly hilarious by itself, but there’s a lot of humor and cleverness in the lyrics, such as Luigi’s line, “I’m amazing ‘cuz [sic] I been up in the game so long and still nobody plays me.”

While I’m not really a hip hop expert, the song seems really well done, it’s rather geeky subject matter notwithstanding, and the video is so wonderfully silly that it’s almost impossible not to smile at it. Photographer and filmmaker Willy Watkins directed the video, as well as appearing as Luigi. Internet celebrity, “Rawn,” wrote and produced the song, and appeared as Mario. The rest of the film’s credits can be found in the description on the song’s YouTube page, and the song itself can be bought on iTunes.

Source: Destructoid

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