GarageGames has announced the 2008 InstantAction Game Developer Contest, with a publishing contract for the game platform for the winner.

The company is looking for “innovative and eye-catching” contest entries, but even more importantly, something “easy to pick up and enjoy immediately.” Submissions for the contest must also be multiplayer games or include an extensive multiplayer component. Contest finalists will be announced at the 2008 Game Developers Conference, with the winner selected shortly after.

Formed in 2000 by former Dynamix employees, GarageGames is an internet-based game publisher that offers engine licenses and publishing to virtually anyone through a flexible licensing plan. Although a modified version of the engine used in Tribes 2 known as Torque is the company’s primary product, the InstantAction platform, announced in September, will allow the creation of “compelling original action games” which will run over standard browsers with no external software.

More details and prizes will be announced shortly. Contest submissions can be sent to [email protected], and full rules and other details are available at the GarageGames blog.

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