GarageGames has unveiled details about Fallen Empire: Legions, a first-person shooter for its online gaming platform

Developed internally by GarageGames, the game will offer fast-paced first-person combat in a strategic, team-oriented environment, while the web-based InstantAction platform allows for a constantly improving experience. “This is a first-person shooter built by hardcore gamres who are wildly passionate about the genre,” said Project Director Tim Aste. “The game design allows us to create a unique experience that brings FPS gaming back to its roots. Legions won’t be just any ordinary jewel matching web game; in terms of graphics and gameplay it will set a new benchmark of what the future of gaming will be on the web.”

“We created InstantAction to give ourselves and the rest of the development community an outlet to make the games they want to play. Rather than churning out sequels or licensed games, we’re working with developers focused on creating cool gameplay,” said GarageGames CEO Josh Williams. “Fallen Empire: Legions will be InstantAction’s most advanced example of this so far. Marrying core games with the accessibility and social power of the web is a huge step forward in the industry, and I personally can’t wait for this game to be released so I can hop on and start playing everyone.”

First announced in September 2007, InstantAction is designed to offer “core-oriented mechanics and high-end visuals” in both single and multiplayer games, without requiring downloaded or externally-loaded software. In December, GarageGames launched the InstantAction Game Developer Contest to encourage development on the platform.

Beta signups for Fallen Empire: Legions, which will also allow players to earn free Action Tokens (InstantAction’s virtual currency), are being taken at

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