Gather Every Gross Rat Drawing in Layers of Fear With These Locations

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Artists need to practice, and the deranged master painter in Layers of Fear left behind sixteen creepy rat drawings for you to collect as you explore his twisted mindscape. Find them all with our text locations.

Be prepared for jump-scares. Layers of Fear follows the P.T. indie tradition with mind-bending hallways and twitching ghosts. A lost artist searches the nightmares of his past to find inspiration for his great masterpiece. At least, that might be your ending — there are multiple endings that change depending on how you interact with the world.

There is a lot to discover in this quick horror adventure, and we’ve got more locations if you’re looking to earn 100% completion. Honor your family and find every family photo with our Layers of Fear mementos locations, or recall the past with the Layers of Fear whispered words guide.

Rat Drawings Collectibles Locations

Rat Drawings are sketches of dead rats that are pinned to the wall in the studio after they are collected. Watch the wall to track your progress. Collectibles carry over between playthroughs, so not all collectibles need to be found in a single new game.

  • Rat Drawing #1: In the fireplace study, you’ll find a hanging doll in a frame. Looking at it causes the room to change and turn dark. Turn around and look for a dim candle in the corner. The rat drawing is inside the wall to the left of the light.
  • Rat Drawing #2: Continue into another room with a fireplace. This one is larger, with a painting hanging over the fire. As you enter, a rat will run straight into the fire and squeak. Turn right from the entrance and check the top drawer of the cabinet with a statue on top.
  • Rat Drawing #3: Later, you’ll move through a hallway that’s all candle-holders and return to your kitchen. As you enter, turn left and open the metal cabinet on your left. Open both and you’ll find the sketch on the inner door.
  • Rat Drawing #4: Inside the large bedroom with the music player, don’t get the room to start melting just yet. Look inside the vanity cabinets.
  • Rat Drawing #5: Beginning chapter 3, you’ll enter a hall with a circular rug at the intersection. Turn left and look behind the potted plants in the right corner to discover a hidden sketch.
  • Rat Drawing #6: Continue forward and enter the room directly after the chained piano chamber. Look left and open the dresser. Check the hanging coat inside.
  • Rat Drawing #7: Moving on to the reverse dining room, you’ll need to activate the lights to turn everything back to normal. The sketch is on the table, skewered by a utensil.
  • Rat Drawing #8: Entering a hallway blocked by debris, you’ll need to interact with a wooden pallet and pull it down to continue. Before doing that, enter the restroom on the left. Look in the black water of the bathtub until a doll bubbles up with the sketch pinned to its chest.
  • Rat Drawing #9: In the hallway filled with locked doors and high latches, you’ll open one final latch and enter a closet with a vibrating painting. On the right, there’s a cabinet with only the top shelf exposed. Open that shelf to find a sketch inside.
  • Rat Drawing #10: Taking the stairs down into the basement, check the alcove to the right of the entrance. There’s a dark spot with a candle stand you can use to light things up, revealing the rat drawing pinned high to the wall.
  • Rat Drawing #11: In chapter 4, you’ll reach a long hall that leads to a large painting marked with white chalk. Past that room you’ll find a simple wooden chamber with a vanity on the left. Open both drawers to smash the vanity mirror. A sketch is behind the glass.
  • Rat Drawing #12: Near the end of chapter 4, enter the nursery with the spinning lamp and look on the white shelves opposite the door.
  • Rat Drawing #13: In chapter 5, you’ll reach a puzzle with a note covered in scrawled lines and the words “Cat”, “Dog”, and “Rat”. Complete this puzzle and you’ll move into a hallway that collapses. Turn around and a door will open up down the hall — ignore it, keep spinning around until a second path lights up. Walk past the wall of paintings and enter the next room. Look on the bottom-right shelf in the cabinets to your left.
  • Rat Drawing #14: Enter through the door to reach a new ruined hallway. Look right as you wall down this hall to spot a rat drawing through a destroyed section of the wall. The sketch is located about eye-level.
  • Rat Drawing #15: Past the giant painting encounter, you’ll return to the decrepit four-way hall. Turn right to find a closet with an easel in the corner. The sketch is pinned to the back of the painting.
  • Rat Drawing #16: The final rat drawing is in the posh hallway filled with portraits and statues in chapter 6. There’s a wheel chair at the start of the hall you can push. The very next room is a short hall completely filled with black gunk. There’s a missing section of wall to the left in this hall where you’ll be able to collect the last sketch.

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