Move over crazy papercraft and modified Nerf guns: Someone’s created an awesome life-sized Halo Elite animatronic costume.

The Halo games have given rise to a movement of homemade props and mods over the past few years, with some truly spectacular examples of craftsmanship popping up every now and then. The latest piece of work to appear on the Web, however, blows everything we’ve seen prior to this out of the water: a fully animatronic, life-sized, Elite soldier costume.

The costume was designed by Pete Mander FX, a small special effects studio in Niagra Falls, Canada. According to Mander’s website, he’s a self-trained artist who never took a class. That makes this creation all the more impressive, especially when you watch the video at right and see just how much effort into it. More importantly, the end of the movie (where you see someone walking around in the seven-foot costume) is particularly stunning.

Seeing as how the video ends on a “to be continued” note, it sounds like studio is working on some other big projects in the Halo universe. Based on the quality so far, hoping for a fully-functional Banshee aircraft doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

Source: DeviceMag via MTV Multiplayer

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