GDC 2009: Delta Airlines Fallout


My farewell to GDC involves an airplane, music, and crushing disappointment.

As much as I love covering shows like GDC, I really hate traveling. I’m scared to death of flying, and the cross-country trek to and from North Carolina is always frustrating and exhausting. My return journey looked as thought it might be a vast improvement over the usual plane ride home, however. For one thing, I was seated in the exit row and had about a square acre of leg room at my disposal. Then I opened the in-flight magazine and discovered the wondrous joy that you see pictured: channel six of the on-board entertainment featured the music of Fallout 3.

I was overjoyed. Putting aside the fact that for a major airline to be featuring a game soundtrack was superbly bitchin’, I couldn’t think of more relaxing and soothing tunes with which to wing through the air. As I dug out my headphones and plugged into my armrest, I wondered which song I would get first. I was hoping for “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire.” What I got instead was this.

You are cruel, Delta Airlines. So very, very cruel.

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