Gearbox Forces Claptrap to Help Man Propose


With a little poking and prodding, even Claptrap from Borderlands will help a man propose to his significant other.

For a robot, Borderlands‘ Claptrap is kind of a pervert. That’s why it took Gearbox a week to get the little guy to help a hardcore Borderlands player propose to his hardcore Borderlands playing girlfriend.

A Gearbox fan named Ben once wrote to the company explaining how Borderlands brought he and his girlfriend Tora together. After nervously explaining to Tora that he liked to play those “things” called “videogames,” Tora evidently replied: “I love Borderlands! Let’s play!”

Ben says that co-op play of Borderlands “easily made that awkward starting out stage of any relationship go extremely smooth.” The duo played through the entire campaign multiple times, including DLC. When it came time for him to propose, Ben wrote to Gearbox again, hoping it might give him a little help from Claptrap.

And that’s exactly what Gearbox did, resulting in this video. After Claptrap tries to make Tora believe Ben has Herpes, the robot gives it his best effort to get the message across that Ben wants to marry her. It’s the most touching marriage proposal I’ve ever seen that also involves a line about a sexual position related to a mutated dog. Tora’s answer isn’t yet known, but unless she has a thing for robots, she probably said yes.

*Update* Tora said yes.

Source: Kotaku

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