Gears 5: Hivebusters, DLC, story, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft is dropping story DLC next week in the form of Gears 5: Hivebusters. The content, which launches Dec. 15, 2020 at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET, stars Scorpio Squad as they engage in a suicide mission to destroy a Swarm hive. You can buy the DLC outright for $19.99 or get it at no additional cost with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. See the new, action-packed content in the launch trailer below.

Gears 5: Hivebusters sees players stepping into the shoes of Lahni, Keegan, and Mac, who were introduced in the base game’s Escape mode. As described on Xbox’s website, the three-hour story DLC is set on the volcanic Galangi islands, featuring a “deadly new predator” to encounter. Scorpio Squad’s Ultimate Abilities can be upgraded, and the DLC also allows players to join up with two other friends for three-player co-op in split-screen or online play. It’s worth repeating that this comes at no additional cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Gears 5: Hivebusters also supports the game’s recently added Xbox Series X | S optimizations, so you can enjoy the story content in all its next-gen glory.

Kurtis Wiebe, creator of the Rat Queens comic book series and author of the comics upon which Scorpio Squad is based, wrote the Gears 5: Hivebusters story DLC. Those that purchase the Gears of War: Hivebusters comic series as a collected volume will get the Mechanic Mac character skin and a Hivebusters Comic Cover Banner as digital items for Gears 5’s multiplayer component.

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