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Gears 5 Multiplayer Tech Test Starts Today, Here’s How You Can Play

Gears 5 Multiplayer Tech Test Starts Today

A Gears 5 multiplayer tech test will run this weekend.

The test will offer certain players access to three gameplay styles in the game’s Versus Mode. Included in the test will be King of the Hill, the classic multiplayer shooter option; Escalation, a point-control mode first introduced in Gears 4; and the new Arcade mode, in which racking up kills will grant players new weaponry. Also included will be the single-player Boot Camp, a training mode.

The tech test is available to anybody who has preordered Gears 5 or has an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. Online multiplayer features — that is, everything except Boot Camp — will require an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play. The test can be run on Xbox One or Windows 10 and will be accessible to anybody who preorders the game or purchases the relevant subscriptions any time before the end of the test.

This test period will run from July 19 at 1 p.m. EST to July 21 at 1 p.m. EST. A second tech test is scheduled to run from July 26 to 29.

The full game will have over 10 multiplayer Versus modes, as well as a single-player campaign, co-op Escape, and Horde modes. A map builder will also be provided.

Gears 5 comes out Sept. 10, 2019, for Xbox One and PC.

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