Apparently, people just love to chainsaw fight with the Locust Horde. The sequel to Epic’s apocalyptic shooter hit the 3 million sales mark in its first month on shelves.

While it took the original Gears of War two and a half months to sell 3 million copies, the game’s hotly anticipated sequel sold the same number of copies in the four weeks since its November 7 release – less than half that time.

“Microsoft confirmed to me this afternoon that Gears of War 2 sell-through surpassed 3 million units as of last week,” Epic Games vice president Mark Rein told Edge earlier this week.

If things continue at this rate, GOW 2 is set to steadily outsell the 5.5 million copies the original sold worldwide following its 2006 release and eventual port to PC in 2007. Unfortunately for PC gaming enthusiast, GOW 2 is slated to remain an Xbox 360 exclusive. We can only hope Microsoft will change its mind when the game’s sales eventually slow down on its console.

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