After hitting a pretty bad big stumbling block earlier in the year, the Gears of War movie is starting over from scratch.

According to Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski the script for the Gears of War movie is being rethought after the budget was slashed back in April. Bleszinski said that New Line had balked at the $100 million price tag attached to the existing script because it had no love story and would have received an R-rating. Bleszinski said that the new script would be more like District 9 in scale, where the old one had been more like 2012.

New Line acquired the rights to a Gears of War movie back in 2007 and had hired Underworld director Len Wiseman to lead the project, with Bleszinski serving as Executive Producer. The original plan was to release the movie by 2009, but various delays – like a script that took nearly two years to write – made that impossible.

Bleszinski’s comparison to District 9 is interesting, as not only did it cost a lot less to make than 2012, but it received much better reviews. It’s also encouraging that the script doesn’t seem to be being reworked so that it better fits the summer blockbuster role, love story and all. While the Gears of War games have been pretty grand in scale, there’s no reason that something smaller and more intimate couldn’t work on the big screen. Regardless of what happens though, it’s going to be years before we seem a Gears of War movie in theaters.

Gears of War 3, on the other hand, comes out in April next year.

Source: Cinema Blend via Eurogamer

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