Matts apartment, for those who have not noticed from the Loading Time video, has very low ceilings. There is one part where a heating duct crosses the ceiling, resulting in a strip where the maximum clearance is about 5’10”. This doesn’t bother me (5’8″ in heels) or Matt, (who just skims under the duct) all that much. However, LoadingReadyRun and our friends are, in general, a tall bunch of people. Over the years that duct has inflicted inflicted enough blunt head trauma to be classified as an environmental hazard.

Cam has unknowingly walked straight into it, giving himself a nasty bump and knocking himself straight backwards onto his ass. I’ve seen Graham, James and Morgan all hit their heads on it at least twice as well. But for all the swearing and bruising the duct has inflicted on us, it pales in comparison to what is simply known as, the Smartie Incident.

As some of you might now, Bill is really, really tall. 6’11” to be exact. He is also extremely fond of wearing baseball caps. What you might not know is that Matt’s kitchen table is set up almost directly under the duct.

One day, Bill, hanging out at the kitchen table, stood up. Directly into the duct. So hard, the smartie (aka, the small round metal bit on the top of a baseball cap) left a deep and perfectly round impression in the drywall. Across the street, birds alighted, as the sound of furious swearing filled the once quiet skies. Bill, although similarly dented, recovered eventually, but the drywall has never been the same — it literally can’t be repaired. I know because Matt’s parents (who are renovating the basement) just tried to fill the hole. Even after spackle and paint, you can still very clearly see the dent.

50 years from now a real estate agent will climb out of her hovercar to show that house, and will be panicking the whole time because she’ll be desperately thinking of a reason why there could possibly be very noticeable, perfectly round dent in the basement ceiling. The house will not sell.

Anyhow, you can see Graham’s storyboards in the gallery for this story. Check them out!

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