Everyone’s favorite early access video game about disembodied, flaccid penises and anuses gets a romantic update.

Genital Jousting, “the world’s premier penis and butthole game,” (I’ll go ahead and check that off the list of sentences I never expected to write) has gotten a new update.

In an update on the Steam page, developer Free Lives revealed that the new Date Night update adds six new activities “specifically designed for two players.” The new modes will support both local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

“Potential lovers will be now be able penetrate each other while picking aromatic roses, bowling and even in the midst of a romantic picnic for two via the latest update out on Steam today,” the post reads.

Other activities that you can see in the trailer for the update include dog walking, slurping spaghetti, and “Netflix and chill”-ing. You can check the trailer out below.

In addition, the game is now 50% off, now only costing $2.49 until February 19.

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