Let’s see what Loveshack can do, now it has some capital behind it.

“Congratulations to Josh, Ollie, and Adrian,” says the Indie Fund, as it announces its support of Loveshack’s Framed. “We’re all fascinated by what they’ve built so far, and can’t wait for them to share their work with the world in the first half of the upcoming year!” Loveshack is already on course to deliver its remarkably clever puzzler in early 2014, and this cash injection can only make things easier for its three-man development team.

Framed is one of those titles you need to see to believe. You set out through the comic-inspired world dodging from frame to frame, but if you want to live then you’d better start changing its perspective. Context is everything, in a world where a quick adjustment can mean the difference between success or failure. It’ll be an iOS, PC and Mac title, when it launches.

The Indie Fund is the creation of folks like Braid‘s Jonathan Blow and World of Goo‘s Ron Carmel. The idea is to provide an investment service for independent games, helping them stay independent by eliminating the need for a publisher’s cash. The repayment terms are pretty generous, but here’s hoping that Framed will make much more than its cash back. Something as crazy as this deserves to succeed.

Source: Indie Fund

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