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Genshin Impact Trailer Teases Version 4.1’s New Features

Genshin 4.1 Trailer

Genshin Impact is really starting to kick things up a notch. The latest trailer for the game’s 4.1 update shows off several awesome new features coming to Genshin Impact. The first new feature shown off is that we’re getting an entire new zone added to the Fontaine region. This zone is comprised of an impressive array of airborne cubes of water suspended in the air with ruins on top of them. There’s also an undersea prison for Fontaine’s dangerous criminals which is run by the upcoming 5-Star character Wriothesley. These zones will feature as part of the two new entries in to the main Archon story questline that will be available to start with the update in just over a week’s time.

Genshin 4.1 new nzone

Within this new zone we’ll be getting new enemies and two new boss fights — the Experimental Field Generator and the Millennial Peral Seahorse. These boss fights will likely be what nets you the materials needed to ascend the new 5-Star characters Wriothesley and Neuvillette. These characters will feature on the limited character banners in 4.1 along with their signature weapons on the limited weapon banners.

It wouldn’t be a Genshin update without some new event content to enjoy. There will be four main events and these will feature mini-games, underwater collection, and combat. You can expect the standard affair of character materials and Primogems for completing these events. Players will be excited to learn that we’re getting a log-in rewards event that will net you enough for ten pulls on the banners. We also get in-game mail with 1,600 Primogems, some resin, a bubble blowing tool, and a little octopus companion pet. Some amazing rewards there. I’m personally looking forward to swimming around Fontaine with my little octopus buddy.

Genshin 4.1 Anniversary Rewards

One of the best quality of life changes made to Genshin Impact thus far will also feature in 4.1. Every time you log in, you can complete four random Daily Commissions from a limited pool. These are pretty tedious, repetitive quests and most players get tired of doing them every single day. In 4.1 this system will be getting a full overhaul. You’ll now be able to earn Encounter Points from completing various activities. These can be anything from collecting materials to completing domains — all things you’d be doing normally anyway. This means you no longer have to go out of your way to complete Daily Commissions which will be a huge sigh of relief for the Genshin community.

There is a lot to look forward to with the 4.1 update for Genshin Impact, which drops on September 27th. The HoYoverse team really seem to be working towards improving the game. Perhaps the huge success of their other game Honkai: Star Rail is spurring them on to bring Genshin up to par as well.

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