George RR Martin gives humble comment of thank you appreciation to fans and FromSoftware for Elden Ring

After years of rumors, speculation, and teasers, Elden Ring is here. Not only has it (mostly) lived up to the hype, but there is already discussion about whether it is a generation-defining masterpiece. Developer FromSoftware must be delighted with the response to Elden Ring, but so is A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin, who wrote much of the background lore for the game. On his personal blog, George R.R. Martin celebrated the launch of Elden Ring and offered humble praise to FromSoftware for the game’s success.

He began the short blog post by saying the game has “taken the world by storm,” and he shared a few links to rave reviews to illustrate his point. Then Martin offered this comment on the tremendous hard work performed by FromSoftware:

Of course, almost all the credit should go to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his astonishing team of games designers who have been laboring on this game for half a decade or more, determined to create the best videogame ever.   I am honored to have met them and worked with them, and to have have played a part, however small, in creating this fantastic world and making ELDEN RING the landmark megahit that it is.

It’s certainly true that cool lore does not suddenly make a great video game, so George R.R. Martin is completely accurate in his humble assessment of what he contributed to the Elden Ring launch. Nonetheless, his involvement inevitably must have gotten even more eyes on the game, and it seems that attention is fully warranted.

At the least, the collaboration resulted in the image below. That counts for something.

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