Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Escapist News Network


A new video posted by the gang at LoadingReadyRun offers an inside look at the construction of the Escapist News Network set, a painstaking and exhausting process involving plywood, styrofoam, t-shirts and even some lemons.

Have you ever wondered where the expensive, custom-built sets used by the Escapist News Network comes from? This stuff doesn’t just build itself, you know. It requires the efforts of a dedicated and talented team with years of training and experience under its belt. Did you know that spray paint can melt styrofoam? I didn’t, but the steady hands at LoadingReadyRun did. This isn’t just nailing stuff to other stuff, people; this is hardcore arts and crafts.

Luckily for us, we can now go behind-the-scenes to witness the actual creation of the world-famous ENN backdrop. It’s an impressive look at how a bunch of miscellaneous crapola was turned into a professional-looking set and the people who made it happen. Check it out for yourself on YouTube!

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