Get A Load of Gold Fast in Stardew Valley Using This Easy Money Trick

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All it takes to get 2,000+ gold in Stardew Valley is an axe and plenty of trees to chop down. This quick method can alleviate the early grind for some fast cash and help your farm really thrive.

Before getting into the details, which you’ll find two paragraphs down, let’s discuss the sudden success of Stardew Valley. This top-down farming sim takes plenty of cues from that other well-known franchise Harvest Moon. With a cute aesthetic, pixel-graphics, and plenty of farm land to beautify and nurture, this game aims to scratch an itch for enterprising growers everywhere.

And enterprising growers could always use some coin in their pockets before getting their ailing farmstead up off the ground. No more stalling, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details and learn how to easily acquire cash in the current incarnation of Stardew Valley.

Easy & Quick Money Guide

This money-making method was tested on [3/7/16] with an up-to-date version of the game.

Once you’ve reached your farm, you’ll be able to start working toward this cash earning method right away.

  • 1. Use the axe and start collecting wood or chopping down trees. Collect 300 wood before continuing.
  • 2. Clear a path though the wood and rocks on your farm to reach the W. Pelican Town entrance to the south of your farm.
  • 3. Continue east through the town and exit south to the beach with the broken bridge on the right. There’s a busted plank with a “?” signifying you can interact.
  • 4. Interact with the bridge and choose to repair it using 300 pieces of wood.
  • 5. Now that the bridge is repaired, cross over to the eastern side of the beach and start collecting! Grab the coral, oysters, and sea urchins. Anything you can grab, take it.
  • 6. Travel back to Billie in the fishing shop and sell everything you found. It should net you an easy 2,000+ gold.

What to do with all that gold? Travel to the stores in Pelican Town and try buying a Backpack upgrade for exactly 2,000 gold. It doubles your inventory space and makes collecting items much easier. No more constant trips to chests!

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