Get All The Scraps *And Materials) You’ll Need In The Surge With This Quick Farming Method

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Follow this simple path to earn a fast 20k for every 5 minutes of work in The Surge.

If you want to accumulate a lot of tech scrap in The Surge, you’ll have to fight for it. Thankfully, some spots are easier to farm than others. Here, we’re covering the Exhibition Hall, a mid-game location with plenty of easy enemies that drop tons of tech scrap — especially if you equip the right implants.

There are plenty of other great farming opportunities available in The Surge. We’re always looking for more, so if you’ve got a particular spot, or we stumble into another fast method for farming, we’ll add it to the list of locations / methods below.

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Tech Scrap Farming Guide

Warren, the hero of The Surge, can begin farming for tons of scrap at about the mid-point of the game, when you reach the Exhibition Hall area.

  • NOTE: Before we begin farming, it helps to equip multiple Reclamation Buddy implants. These implants increase the amount of tech scrap earned. Stack enough of theses implants to get +50% tech scrap.

From the Exhibition Hall Ops Center, follow the path to the Restricted Area: Utopia Project room. Focus on killing the security goons and aim for the unarmed sections to kill them even faster.

Equipping the Elite Hazard / Liquidator gear sets will help protect you from fire element damage. Many of the enemies in this area use flamethrowers. When dealing with shield-drones, slide or jump-attack to take out the drone first.

To deal with the flamethrower guards, sprint behind them and attack their backs. Breaking the tanks will kill them instantly.

The lighter opponents with staffs drop Liquidator gear and Mk.2 crafting materials. The heavier enemies drop Elite Hazard gear and Mk. 3 crafting materials. There are many of these enemies you can fight one at a time in the Restricted Area: Utopia Project room, making it easy to gain lots of tech scrap and easy to farm for components you might need for crafting.

Flamethrower enemies can also be easily knocked down for a critical hit, making them the easiest enemies to farm — just wait for them to use the flamethrower. While they’re stuck, attack from behind.

Clear the room, sprint back to Ops, then sprint back. Rinse and repeat to get all the scrap you’ll need for the mid-game.

Got your own favorite scrap farming spots? Let us know in the comments!

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