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Explore the tricky tracks of Fault One Zero and unlock yet another set of hidden Squirrels in Trials Fusion with our collectibles guide.

This time RedLynx went easy on its endlessly obsessive fanbase. Instead of hiding squirrels deep in labyrinths, all it takes to find these rodents is a button. Naturally, any normal player might never see these secret switches — but the Trials Fusion community isn’t normal. Thanks to their hunger for secrets, we’ve got every location listed below.

Don’t miss out on the hidden goods from the previous DLC — check out the Trials Fusion: Fire in the Deep Squirrel Locations Guide and get the most out of Ubisoft’s stunt platformer.

Squirrel Collectible Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: There are three secret Squirrel collectibles hidden in the Fault Zero One DLC. Check back later for updates.

Squirrel Location #1:

  • Track: Megalopolis
Trials Fusion Fault Zero One Squirrel 1
  • Location:

    Past the fifth checkpoint, and right before reaching the sixth, you’ll reach a ramp with stairs carved into the concrete. At this point, slow down and stop at ledge. If you look carefully, you’ll see a bright red button on the right ledge.

    Slowly inch forward until you can drop the front wheel over the side and press the red button. When it’s activated, the button glows a brighter red. Now all you have to do is finish the track. After passing through the finish line, wait for a scene to play out. Don’t leave the track or you’ll miss it!

    RedLynx gave us an easy one first. The scene that plays out is a reference to Back To the Future, with a crude rendition of the series’ iconic theme.

Squirrel Location #2:

  • Track: Docking Bay
Trials Fusion Fault Zero One Squirrel 2
  • Location:

    Move through the track until you reach the seventh checkpoint. Directly below the platform is a conveyor belt moving from the foreground to the background.

    This one is a little weird. Hook your front wheel under the ledge of the ramp and back up slightly to really get the wheel stuck. Wait in this particular spot for a few seconds — five at the most.

    Why? There’s a very well hidden red button here that’s barely visible. You should see it as the camera pans forward while continuing the track. When the button is activated, you’ll hear a unique ring sound effect. That’s your cue to continue the stage. Keep moving until you see a red and yellow squirrel sign on a ramp.

    Drive over the squirrel sign with both wheels on your bike. That should activate a second sound. Now, roll backwards to the previous two checkpoints. Down the pipes and ramps, you’ll reach a girder over the sky. Bail out and launch yourself backwards into a hidden area. Knock over one of the squirrel signs, and you’ll collect the second.

    Don’t worry about watching the following cutscene. You can skip it and keep the squirrel. It’s a long one, lasting about a full minute — and if you’re curious, it’s totally an Easter egg. This time they’re referencing the classic Lemmings series of puzzle games.

Squirrel Location #3:

  • Track: Clone Facility
Trials Fusion Fault Zero One Squirrel 3
  • Location:

    Move through the track and reach the large jump pads that launch your rider up. After launching upward twice, you’ll land at a checkpoint with a blue neon square.

    There are two more identical checkpoints lined up in the background with the neon squares. Stop your bike here, but not in the square — that activates an extreme version of the track. You don’t want to do that for this collectible. Instead, drive into the first ramp ahead of the checkpoint, launch yourself up, and bail up. Throw your rider up and left to land on a big button located directly above the checkpoint.

    This is another easy squirrel. Once the red button turns yellow, reset at the checkpoint and reach the finish. Your rider lands on a conveyor belt after crashing. Wait patiently for the arm to dump the rider into a trash compactor.

    Just like in Star Wars, the trash compactor door opens to save your rider from a flattened fate. Watch the complete scene to get the final squirrel in the fifth DLC to Trials Fusion.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Quantum Squirrels (50 points / Bronze):
    Find all 3 squirrels on Fault Zero One.

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