Get Buried Under This Avalanche of SSX Details


SSX has ghosts, bonus boosts, and 100,000-snowboard races.

SSX Creative Director Todd Batty, speaking during EA’s press event at Gamescom, let loose a slew of details regarding the 2012 snowboarding title. Aside from outlining pre-order bonuses, he also shed light on customized racing events and “ghost racing.”

Each of the five retailers (GameStop, Origin, Amazon, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart) offers a bonus boost and an elite snowboard for one specific character. GameStop is the only location to actually provide an extra character, Eddie Wachowski, who appeared in previous entries of the series.

Pre-ordering at one of the other retailers will net you an elite snowboard. Elise fans will want to hit up Origin, Amazon orders get you Mac’s board, pre-order at Best Buy for Zoe’s board, and Wal-mart shoppers net a board for Kaori.

Batty added that, in a move inspired by recent EA racing games, player’s personal records will appear as ghost racers that their friends can compete against. It’s also possible to create customized, global events in which up to 100,000 players can compete simultaneously.

That’s a lot of snowboarding.

SSX is currently slated for a January 2012 release. Until then, you could, i don’t know, play Amped 3 or something.

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