You’ve been there. The black screen of death. The desperate search for anything you can possibly recover. The weeping. Next time, be prepared and keep your cool. Get Data Rescue 4 for Mac or Windows for $49. It’s 50% off right now at Escapist Deals.

Whether you experience a hard drive crash, just reinstalled your OS, or simply accidentally deleted a file, you can get it all back. Data Rescue 4 will recover crashed, corrupted, and non-mounting drives, damaged or missing files, digital pictures from a camera that’s been erased or reformatted, and more. It’ll also clone an exact copy of your hard drive for quicker recovery. Macworld calls Data Rescue 4 “your best hope for recovering data from a physically functional drive without having to send it to a dedicated outfit where technicians in clean rooms will replace drive . . . or hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

Normally, Data Rescue 4 sells for $99. Today, get it for your Mac or PC for $49 at Escapist Deals.

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