Get Deus Ex for a Dollar at Games for Windows Marketplace


Games for Windows Marketplace has unveiled its latest and possibly greatest Daily Deal: The Deus Ex Game of the Year edition for only 99 cents.

There’s really not much more to say about this. It’s Deus Ex for a buck. And that should be enough, really, because there are two kinds of people in the world: those who have played Deus Ex and know what a screamingly good deal this is, and those who have not and are on the cusp of stumbling into one of the most mind-shatteringly great deals of their videogaming lives.

Deus Ex is ten years old and, truth be told, it was already looking past its prime when it was new. Character animations are stiff, facial animations are essentially non-existent and voice acting ranges from dodgy to outright awful. It doesn’t matter. I’m not sure what sort of dark magic Ion Storm wove to create this game but it’s an amazing blend of action, stealth, comedy and pathos, all wrapped up in a multi-layer conspiracy theory that somehow, impossibly, comes together as one of the finest videogames ever put to disc. It’s like putting a dozen monkeys into a room with a dozen typewriters and then coming back from lunch to discover they’ve banged out the works of Shakespeare.

Another point about this that I think is worth a mention is the fact that in spite of a bumpy restart and some glaring rough edges, Microsoft does seem to finally be taking the Games for Windows thing seriously. At the very least, it’s doing a great job of attracting attention to the red-headed stepservice of the digital distribution family by tossing out sales that are just too good to ignore.

What Microsoft will do with that attention is the big question. The occasional great deal on old classics won’t be enough to make Games for Windows a legitimate alternative to Steam, or even Gamersgate or GOG for that matter. Whatever happens, a dollar Deus Ex is not to be missed, so grab it while you can at!

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