In case you haven’t blown all your money on cheap indie game collections yet, here’s one more: the Little Big Bunch!

This is getting out of hand. Seriously, there are enough indie game collections floating around right now to keep you playing until the holiday season in 2012. But if you’re a hardcore gaming machine who blew through 200 hours of Skyrim in a single weekend, then I have good news: more is on the way!

Actually, it’s already here. Feast your eyes on the Little Big Bunch, a collection of five hot indie titles available for one low price! It’s a “pay what you want” deal with a minimum cost of $1.50 to cover processing, and payments can be divvied up however you like between the developers and GamesAid, a U.K.-based organization that acts as “a broker of charitable activity” on behalf of the videogame industry, distributing funds to children’s charities related to education, health, housing and social welfare.

And what will you get for your hard-earned, hopefully-more-than-$1.50? Explodemon, Frozen Synapse and Munch’s Odyssey, all DRM-free, an activation key for New Star Soccer 5 and the Steamworks-based Serious Sam: Double D. That’s a solid collection by any measure, so don’t be cheap – kick in a few bucks and get your indie on!

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