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The Following brings back developer blueprints, and we’ve found two of these secret cheat constructable weapons already. Learn how to find them and what exactly these goofy tools of destruction can do for you.

Dying Light featured it’s own series of collectible developer blueprints hidden in secret locations on both of its expansive maps, so it’s no surprise these Easter eggs are back in the Following add-on. The vanilla zombie parkour adventure also featured Super Mario 1-1 in 3D, and a Plants vs. Zombies tableau. We’re hoping for even more Easter eggs, so keep checking back as we mine the new undead DLC for secrets.

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The Following – Developer Blueprints Locations

What are Developer Blueprints? These secret blueprints are cordoned off in their own section of the blueprint list for a reason — they’re big jokes. These Easter egg weapons are overpowered, frequently silly, and always worth tracking down.

Tolga’s Folly Blueprint / The Button Location

To collect this blueprint, travel east from your starting location in The Following. Check the right side of the map for a small (and extremely steep) rock island that looks unreachable from the cliffs.

Pass through the graveyard and walk across the jutting grey rock from the cliff to reach the spire-like rock island. The grappling hook will not work, you’ll need to leap to a small ledge from the jutting rock to begin the climb up.

Climb to the top of the spire — just follow the path of flat terrain and ledges — to find two items; a collectible flag and a treasure chest.

Use your device to open the chest and grab Tolga’s Folly. This blueprint constructs The Button; you’ll need ten (10) batteries and ten (10) electronics.

The button is just that. It looks like a remote control button. Press it to teleport to multiple unreachable locations across the map. Pressing the button randomly warps you to one of several of these locations that can only be accessed through The Button’s teleport ability.

One of the locations is the empty power plant where the Dying Light devs filmed a little promotional video of zombies running on wheels to generate power. Just keep that button ready, sometimes it drops you from an extremely high spot.

Origami 101 Blueprint Location

To get the amazing Paper Plane weapon, travel to the northwest section of the map via car. Drive to the grain fields far northwest from Jasir’s Farm to find this blueprint.

While driving, lookout for a tall water tower in the middle of the field. It’s very tall, so you should have no problem seeing it.

Climbing the tower is very tricky. Use the Grappling Hook to jump through the barbed wire blocking your way to the top, then grappling hook again to get onto the actual water container at the top. To do this, jump to nothing when you’re directly below the top section of the tower and immediately throw out your grappling hook.

Here, you’ll find another collectible flag and a locked crate. Open the crate to get the Origami 101 Developer Blueprint. To build it, you’ll need ten (10) fluorescent shrooms, ten (10) herbs, and ten (10) metal parts.

The Paper Plane is a thrown weapon like any other consumable so it is depleted with each use. These require a lot of crafting materials so use this thing sparingly.

So what does the Paper Plane do? It circles the player and instantly kills any zombies that wander close. Anything in your proximity gets killed by the autonomous paper plane. Each kill is signaled by a burst of paper as the plane strikes its target.

The Paper Plane only lasts for about half a minute, so keep it for a rainy day.

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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