The latest video series on The Escapist, Natural 20, distills the most dramatic, hilarious, and inexplicable moments from a Pathfinder RPG campaign. As with any distillery, the result is basically a stiff shot of 90-Proof RPG gold. There are more episodes coming up, of course, but this Sunday, February 28th, the Natural 20 team will be streaming a session live, which you won’t want to miss.

The team plans to get started around Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern, and you can find it on Erika Ishii’s channel here. They’ll keep it rolling for at least a few hours, so even you busy people will have a good window to check it out!


We’ve worked alongside Paizo on this as well, which means every one of you has a chance to win some Pathfinder essentials, namely the most essential gear; the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. We’ll tell you how to win during the stream, so be sure to swing by! (Note: They are physical books, so winners will need to provide their addresses privately, through the contact method explained during the stream.)

For all the DMs out there, there’s one more thing you should know about. If you’ve never heard of Syrinscape, do yourself and your players a favor and check it out. If you’ve spent half the time looking for the right music track during a session that I have – a process that usually takes so long that all dramatic impact is lost already – the Syrinscape app puts a fantasy soundboard at your disposal. They’ve even worked with Paizo to have dungeon-specific modules. Now that is what a dragon’s scream should sound like.

I asked the Natural 20 team to put together an announcement for me to share. It kept getting delayed, which all makes sense now. Check out the direct-from-the-team message below.

Note from the Producers: Over the past three weeks there has been much speculation, both internally and among fans of Natural 20, that Jack Delaney has been either arrested or deported for numerous crimes both federal and local. We would like to take this time to dispel these rumors.

Jack Delaney has, in fact, spent the last 14-16 days rowing to Cuba in an effort to escape persecution by an organization he calls “The America Marshal Agents”. With only the stars and a fully-charged, yellow iPhone 5C to aid him, Jack managed to navigate south from the panhandle to the coast of Cuba. By the time the Cuban Navy found him, he was described as “severely dehydrated” and “in desperate need of a haircut” which was later struck from the report as “not connected to the arduous journey undertaken for unclear reasons,” but a footnote cited it as “still the general opinion of Cuban Navy personnel.”

After an oddly nurturing Cuban Coast Guard member nursed him back to health, he was able to fax us this message:

  • We are live-streaming a game of Pathfinder with the cast of Natural 20 Sunday Feb 28th from 12pm-5pm PST.

    It will be here: Tune in to watch the cast members of the show play Pathfinder and dance like macabre puppets for your amusement. We promise epic battles, real world arguments, and lots of filing taxes on the treasure we find.

  • Natural 20 is now collaborating with Paizo, the rebel force behind Pathfinder. During the stream we will be using Syrinscape, an audio app that helps players create a dynamic sound environment to bring their D&D adventures to life. Nothing quite sells a spooky castle like a looped recording of a screaming woman to blast at your players.
  • Finally, I would like to apologize for my absence. It appears that my plan to flee from America to the renowned safety of Cuba was formed while I was unaware of the quickly normalizing relations between the two nations, and I have booked a flight back to Los Angeles rather easily using the last of my black market lipitor sales. If the America Marshal Agents want to confront me, it may as well be on my terms. Until then, I appreciate your continued support of Natural 20. Stay tuned for my Legal Defense GoFundMe Campaign!

-Jack Delaney

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