Get the Best Arsenal in Fallout 4 With These Unique Weapon Locations

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The Commonwealth is full of guns to scavenge, but if you’re looking for the most unique tools of destruction available, we’ve pulled together a list of all the special weapons in Fallout 4.

So what exactly are special weapons? We’re not talking about the star weapons dropped by random legendaries, or even the unique variants for certain rifles and pistols. No, we’re covering the truly unique and special — things like the Alien Pistol, the Broadsider or the Cryolator. There’s plenty of other totally unique weapons with special functions and absolutely no other variants. That’s what we’re covering in the list of locations below.

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Rare & Unique Weapon Locations

Learn where to find totally unique, non-variant, non-legendary gun types in Fallout 4 with the locations list below.

  • Cryolator: In Vault 111 where the Sole Survivor first wakes up, you can find this special freezing weapon in a special case in the Overseer’s Office. It requires Master level lockpicking skills to open — your companion Cait can lockpick master level locks, too.
  • Railway Rifle: This high-penetration rifle is a late-game reward if you stick with the Railroad faction. Learn how to join them here. It can also be found in Big John’s Salvage, a junkyard in the fields south of the Boston downtown area, west from the S. Military Checkpoint. Turn on the power switch in the area to open the fallout shelter doors where you can find one.
  • Deliverer: Like the Railway Rifle, this is a special Railroad faction weapon. See how to join the Railroad faction here. They can be joined early with no negative repercussions if you choose to join another faction later.
  • Junk Jet: This unique cannon can be loaded with any “Junk” category item. Anything that appears in the “Junk” tab can be used here. Pressing reload brings up a menu of compatible items you can choose from. Find the Brotherhood of Steel mission in Cambridge — approaching the area will provide a radio signal. Listen to it and accept the “Call To Arms” mission. You’ll fight into the lowest Rocket test control room. The Junk Jet is found on a bench inside.
  • Syringer: The Syringer can be loaded with special crafted ammo at any Workbench the infect targets with multiple detrimental effects. To get your hands on the weapon and unlock new ammo recipes, purchase it from Doctor Sun in Diamond City. It can also be found in multiple places of healing; Greater Mass. Blood Clinic, Medford Memorial Clinic, Kendall Hospital, Milton General Hospital, Sandy Coves Coalescence Home, and Parsons State Insane Asylum.
  • Grognak’s Axe: The giant comic book axe is found locked in an Advanced level display case behind the front desk on the first floor of Hubris Comics. The area is located just northeast from Trinity Tower, and southwest of the Boston Common.
  • Alien Blaster: An extraterrestrial blaster is available only if you encounter an alien on a high-level event. Travel north of Oberland Station and watch for a strange radio signal. Follow the green blood into a nearby cave to locate an alien. Kill it and loot the body to get your very own Alien Blaster.
  • Flare Gun: The Flare Gun is one of the first special weapons you’ll get in Fallout 4. Simply join the Minutemen faction after meeting up with Preston Garvey to get it. Firing its special ammo summons up Minutemen reinforcements.
  • Broadsider: Complete the “Last Voyage of the USS Constitution” quest while siding with Captain Ironsides to get this rare portable cannon. Find the crashed ship manned by robots east of Bunker Hill along the coast.

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