Get The Feels From New Inside Out Trailer


Disney and Pixar reveal their “major emotion picture”

A new trailer has hit (courtesy Disney UK) that gives a more detailed look into the premise of [i]Inside Out, the new original animated comedy from the Pixar brain-trust.

Directed by Up’s Pete Docter, Inside Out takes place in a world where peoples’ behavior is “steered” by a team of humanized Emotions living in the Command Center of their minds: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust. The main characters are the Emotions of a young girl named Riley, whose Joy (Amy Poehler) finds her previously life-long position as Riley’s most-prominent feeling being challenged by Sadness (Phyllis Smith) who has suddenly become assertive as Riley approaches her teens.

In the film’s main story, Riley’s Joy and Sadness become separated from the Command Center after arguing with eachother, and must make their way back before being driven only by Fear, Anger and Disgust turn Riley into (another) moody teenager. The trailer depicts a scene wherein these remaining Emotions try (badly) to help Riley deal with her parents – and offers an amusing glimpse of their Emotions as well.

Inside Out is due for release on June 19, 2015

Source: Disney UK

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