Get Your Hands on Dante’s Inferno at Philly GameX Expo


Electronic Arts will be on hand as a featured game exhibitor at October’s Games and Media Expo in Philadelphia, where they’ll be showing off Dante’s Inferno.

Sure, attendees of this year’s GameX expo in Philadelphia will get the chance to meet Yahtzee and Escapist staff (we’ll be there as the official media partner for the show), but let’s not forget that the event is called the Games and Media Expo for a reason: There will be games there to see and play, and one of the most prominent will undoubtedly be Dante’s Inferno, which EA will be on hand as a featured game exhibitor to show off.

Attendees won’t just get the chance to gawk at trailers and hear how great the game is, however. The PS3 version of the title will be available for hands-on play during the show, so if you were jealous of all the lucky E3 attendees who got to check the game out, here’s your chance to check out Dante’s Inferno before its 2010 release.

“The game is looking great, it’s running at 60 frames per second and there’s a lot of excitement building for it right now,” executive producer Jonathan Knight said. “We can’t wait to introduce it directly to gamers at GameX.”

GameX will take place from October 23-25 later this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Press release follows:

Philadelphia, PA—Tuesday, July 14, 2009— GameX (Games & Media Expo), October 23-25, 2009 in Philadelphia, today announced Electronic Arts as one of their major game publisher participants. EA will feature their new title, Dante’s InfernoTM, recently debuted to the trade at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Set for a 2010 release, this highly-anticipated third-person action adventure game is based on part one of the medieval epic poem, The Divine Comedy, commonly referred to as Dante’s Inferno, written by Italian author Dante Alighieri. The allegorical fiction is widely considered to be the central epic poem of Italian literature, and is seen as the definitive piece of work that has shaped the western world’s perception of hell.

With stunning graphics and unparalleled action, EA is breaking barriers with Dante’s Inferno, pushing the envelope of traditional action game art, design and themes. In the game, Dante descends through all nine circles of hell; limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery, fighting for the soul of his beloved Beatrice and his own self redemption. Dante’s Inferno will be released in 2010 on the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Portable. Game consumers at GameX will have the chance to play the game hands-on for the PS3.

Presented by NBC Local Media in Philadelphia, GameX is a high-visibility entertainment, tech and media show with games as its main attraction. Designed to appeal to local, regional and national audiences of game players, film and TV fans, comic book buffs and tech enthusiasts, GameX features games-focused exhibits and demos, as well as pop culture elements such as advance film and TV screenings and trailers, celebrity guest appearances, high stakes game tournaments, robotics demonstrations, animation festival and competitive art exhibit, video art installations and much more.

Jonathan Knight, executive producer and creative director on Dante’s Inferno, offers, “The idea behind Dante’s Inferno was to make a big, action adventure game set in the Hell Dante Alighieri so vividly describes. The game is looking great, it’s running at 60 frames per second and there’s a lot of excitement building for it right now. We can’t wait to introduce it directly to gamers at GameX.”

Jennifer Halpin, executive vice president of show production for GameX, adds, “Electronic Arts made the choice to present Dante’s Inferno at GameX due to our high-volume attendance of hardcore gamers and casual gamers, combined with our significant NBC 10media and marketing support. Fans of EA’s Dead Space™ will be equally enthusiastic to get their hands on the Dante’s Inferno game at GameX. We look forward to EA’s participation.”

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