Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gameplay Overhaul Coming Later This Month ghost experience

On March 24, the next update for Ghost Recon Breakpoint will attempt to course-correct some of the game’s most significant issues. At the core of the update is what Ubisoft has termed the Ghost Experience, a new option that allows players to tailor their experience. Players can opt to continue to play with the same settings as the game originally launched with, play with the new Immersive mode (which includes a minimal HUD, disables gear levels, and limits resources), or a customized play style mixing and matching the parameters of the other two.

Meanwhile, difficulty will be broken up into two sections: Enemies and Tactical. The former affects enemy AI and damage, while the latter changes how realistic the experience is, altering the amount of gear characters can carry, health regeneration, and stamina use.

Beyond the Ghost Experience, the update will introduce a new adventure story to begin Episode 2, Deep State, the Engineer class soldier type (of which Year 1 Pass holders will have one week’s exclusive use), and a host of quality-of-life tweaks, including variable camera distance, improved item sorting, and Gunsmith updates.

Ubisoft also provided details on further plans, announcing the replacement of the second raid with a coming update to the Ghost Experience, further improvements to NPC AI, and the cancellation of an offline mode (though an online solo PvE mode will be added for players with poor connections in the March 24 update).

Ghost Recon Breakpoint attracted a poor reception on its launch last year, including being named the second blandest game of 2019 by Yahtzee, so hopefully these changes go some way towards improving the overall experience.

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