Ghostbusters Receives Theatrical Reanimation

There’s something strange (and amazing) in the neighborhood …

Ghostbusters fans may be salivating at the fact that the third film is finally getting the green light, but it’s still at least a couple of years away from actually coming to theaters. However, movie audiences are getting an opportunity to see the antics of everybody’s favorite bumbling heroes on the big screen once again, and it’s happening spookily soon.

The original Ghostbusters film’s return to movie theaters was announced via the franchise’s official Facebook page:

Remember seeing Ghostbusters in theaters back in 1984? We bet you don’t — so we’re giving you a second chance! Whether you’ve seen it one time or a hundred times, don’t miss this modern classic’s return to the big screen this October.

Exactly how widespread this movie re-release will be (or for how long it’ll last) remains to be seen. Presumably more details will be announced via Facebook soon.

Oh, and before you ask: No. A theatrical re-release of Ghostbusters II has definitely not been announced. Presumably because the goal of this campaign is to give rise to a new generation of fans, not drive them away in droves.

Source: Ghostbusters via Topless Robot

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