Give Linux Games a Spin


A Fedora 8 Games Spin DVD has been released. Packed with over one hundred games, this Live DVD is completely playable without installing anything on your system. That makes it the perfect way to see how Linux runs on your system and experience all the best Linux gaming has to offer.

The disk includes terminal games such as Rogue and Nethack, including the Vultures graphical front-end for Nethack. But if you think Linux gaming ends there, you’d be wrong. The Games Spin DVD also includes classic game and game remakes such as Lucas Art’s adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky and the popular Civilization clone, Freeciv. Add popular open source 3D games like Quake 3 Arena, Scorched 3D, Armacycles Advanced and Open Arena and you’ll start to get a taste of what’s been happening with Linux gaming over the years.

The Live DVD is installable to hard disk or Flash drive and includes many educational and casual games as well. More information and download links can be found on the Games Spin wiki.

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