Holy crap, it’s the world’s biggest Pac-Man game and it’s huge!

Created to show off the power of HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9, the monster Pac-Man game developed by Soap Creative in conjunction with Namco Bandai and Microsoft is seriously big. User-generated levels are linked together through “portals,” one on each side, to create a gigantic, multi-part maze; each individual segment is patrolled by the usual ghostly goon squad and although they won’t pursue you from maze to maze, they will be waiting exactly where you left them if you happen to double back.

At last count, nearly 5000 individual mazes had been created, roughly 714,000 mazes had been played, over 33,000 completed and almost 69 million Pac-Dots eaten. The United States is leading the international scoreboard with 18,660,000 points, followed by Spain at 8,208,000 points and the U.K., with 4,995,000 points. And in spite of the “Made for Internet Explorer 9” labels, the game works fine in any browser that supports HTML5. I took it for a spin on Firefox 4 and it ran flawlessly, notwithstanding the fact that I suck at Pac-Man.

As you’d expect from any game that relies on user-generated content, some mazes are extremely creative while others are slapdash garbage.

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