Go Fishing for the New Secret Song in Exo Zombies’ Descent DLC

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The final Advanced Warfare DLC brings one more hidden song to Exo Zombies, and we’ve found all three collectibles that make this little Easter egg possible. Check out all the locations with help from our how-to.

Like every Call of Duty DLC map on Advanced Warfare’s enhanced Exo Zombies survival mode, there are trinkets to discover. Grab all three of the secret interactables, and a unique piece of music begins to play. While not as cool as the Black Ops 2 songs, these classical pieces are a worthy find for any Zombies fanatic.

This is just the start of the Easter eggs hidden in Descent. Earning an Exo Zombies ending is crazy-hard — just check out our full “Game Over, Man!” Advanced Warfare Easter Egg Guide and see how complicated these puzzles can be.

Secret Song on Descent Easter Egg Guide

To hear the secret song, you’ll need to interact with three hidden toys. There is no visible prompt, but interact the same way you would any other panel or door.

After a successful collection, you’ll hear a section of the song. That signifies you’ve got a piece. Grab all three and the rest of the song plays for your listening enjoyment.

  • Manta Location #1: Enter the Galleria through the Annex doors and head down the stairs. Turn left and you’ll see a round aquarium with smashed glass. It’s near the Bartoluccini’s sign. Look for a small manta ray model.
  • Manta Location #2: Go to the hotel’s Concierge desk and enter the open elevator shaft to the left. Once inside, turn to the left wall and look high up. The manta ray is stuck to the side of the shaft — you’ll need to pull off a boost jump to reach it and interact. This is the path leading up to the Landing.
  • Manta Location #3: Take the stairs up to the Tidal Generator exterior area, and jump onto the platform where there’s an embedded teleporter station. Carefully look on the platform’s edge, on the opposite side from the teleporter pointed out toward the ocean. Right on the edge, there’s the final manta ray toy.

Recognize this piece of music? That’s Verdi’s Requiem, a popular classical arrangement most recently used to great effect in promoting Mad Max: Fury Road.

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