Go Sightseeing in Submerged With Our Landmark Locations Map

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Explore the sunken city of Submerged and discover massive landmarks to earn two additional trophies with our map.

Go for a boat ride and see the sights in Submerged with these eight landmark locations. Exploration is a big part of this quiet indie adventure game, with tons of skyscrapers to climb and supplies to discover. When you’re not mapping out the town, take some time out of your busy day to chill out and earn the Sightseer trophy.

So, what’s Submerged all about? This is a post-apocalypse minus the bloody combat, instead you’ll experience a story without a word of dialogue. You play as Miku, a girl escorting her younger brother to the safety of an empty city with hidden caches to track down.

All Sightseer Landmark Locations [Map]

Landmarks are unique structures scattered across the underwater city. Find them all by following the blue markers on our map below.

Submerged Landmarks Map

To unlock the additional Free Climber trophy, travel to the massive crane in the center of the city map. Climb to the top and you’ll reach the highest point on the Submerged map.

Activate a landmark by approaching it in your boat. Once you’re close enough, a fly-over of the landmark will activate.

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

Free Climber (Bronze):
Climb to the highest point in the map.

Sightseer (Bronze):
Visit all landmarks.

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