Goat Simulator Adding Multiplayer and More

Goat Simulator screen

What’s better than a goat with a jetpack? Two goats with jetpacks!

I don’t think anyone was fully and completely convinced that Goat Simulator wasn’t an elaborate April Fool’s joke until the moment it actually launched on April 1. But while it’s predictably kind of craptastic beyond the whole “goat smashes stuff” gag, it is real – and not only that, it’s getting an expansion.

This is actually something quite a number of people have been asking for, according to Armin Ibrisagic of developer Coffee Stain Studios, and something the studio wants to do as well. But since the game supports Steam Workshop and players can use that to download stuff for free, he said they would feel bad about charging for DLC. Thus, a compromise: a Goat Simulator 1.1 patch that will be completely free.

The update will add a new playable map about the same size as the original, plus new achievements, new goats and, best of all, local split-screen multiplayer. Sadly, online multiplayer action “doesn’t quite work with Goat Simulator, since we can’t synchronize the physics we’re using across different computers,” he explained.

Pity, that. Kind of surprising, too; as Jim Sterling pointed out in his review, Goat Simulator is almost willfully bad, with “bizarre physics” and numerous bugs listed as features, and the developers refuse to fix anything that doesn’t outright crash the game. In that light, an out-of-sync online Goat Simulator experience sounds not just reasonable but ideal. Something for the sequel, perhaps?

The Goat Simulator 1.1 patch, which to be honest I’m not entirely and completely 100 percent convinced isn’t a joke, is expected to be ready by mid-May.

Source: Steam

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