Gobliiins 4!


A new chapter in the long-dormant Gobliiins series is being written, opening the door to goblin goofiness for the next generation of gamers.

Gobliiins 4 is being developed by a small independent team led by Pierre Gilhodes, a designer and graphic artist who cut his teeth on the original Gobliiins while working for Coktel Vision, a French game developer.

The basic premise behind Gobliiins 4 remains unchanged, with the player employing three goblins in an effort to move across a puzzle-filled map. The challenge comes not only from the puzzles, but from the goblins themselves: Typical for goblins, they are not especially bright, and each is capable of one – and only one – type of behavior. It’s up to the player to their unique skills together in creative ways in order to progress through the game.

Gobliiins 4 will have 16 levels and will be rendered in full 3-D. The developers say the levels will be packed with puzzles and humor, but will not be overly difficult; according to the website, “An 8-year-old child puts between one and two hours to arrive at the end of each level.”

Gobliiins 4 will be an all-ages game for the PC only, and is expected sometime in 2007. It will be released in English, French and German, but since the “target market” is Europe, North American Gobliiins fans may have to order online.

More details, as well as screenshots and trailers, can be found at the Gobliiins 4 website, translated into English via Google Language Tools. (For the original French version, click here.)

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