When in doubt, throw a great big rock.

“For us, this [release] marks the end of working weekends and nights,” says independent developer Abbey Games, but for you, oh mighty one, your godlike task in Reus is just beginning. Guide those weak humans to their allotted destiny, using all the tricks and world-bending powers at your disposal. Just bear in mind that, if they get too uppity, one of the targets they may take aim at is you.

Reus asks you to take on the role of the planet’s ancient giant entities, with powers beyond imagination. “Ultimately you want to create a utopia for your humans,” say the developers, “For example, you could create a forest full of helpful plants to help a village grow.” But you need to cooperate to make that happen, so the ocean giant needs to create a watery expanse so your plants can grow. Then the forest giant moves in to place specific helpful plants in that forest to attract settlements. Welcome, puny humans, to your new Eden! This level of cooperation and symbiosis is what makes Reus tricky, particularly since – if you’re a bit too generous – your humans will start fighting amongst themselves for the resources on offer.

This title is available today (about 1pm EST) via Steam, Desura, Gamersgate, GOG and the developer’s own site.

Source: Abbey Games

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