In order to promote the Japanese version of InFamous, Sony is giving away download codes for an upcoming God of War III demo with a listed date of November 19th.

Sucker Punch’s urban open-world superpower game InFamous hit retailers in Japan today (well, on October 15th – it’s already the 16 there, isn’t it?) and in order to make the game a bit more appetizing to the Japanese market, Sony has decided to throw in something extra: InFamous will come with codes to download a demo of the hotly-anticipated God of War III from the PSN Store, reports Siliconera.

The codes can be redeemed in approximately one month’s time, with the demo dated to hit PSN on November 19th. Given that GoW3 is being developed by a Western studio – and that with that in mind, it takes more effort to translate a demo into Japanese – it seems odd to think that an English-language demo wouldn’t be on its way to the non-Japanese PSN sometime soon.

It’s also interesting when you think about it: Western-made games historically don’t perform all that well in Japan, so it makes sense that Sony would want to add some extra incentive for Japanese gamers to look at a game they might have passed up otherwise. But how does it make sense to have said incentive be… a demo for a hyper-violent Western-made game? Did I miss God of War selling a lot of copies in Japan, or something?

I guess Square wasn’t going to play ball with Final Fantasy XIII or something.

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