God of War Novels Due in March 2010


Kratos will be continuing his violent, bloody rampage into new forms of media – this time, he’ll be growling angrily through the pages of the first in a series of God of War novelizations that will shelves in early 2010.

The novels will be penned by Matthew Stover, who might be recognized by fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe as the author of Clone Wars-era novel Shatterpoint, as well as a handful of other Star Wars titles including the novelization of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I’ve never read any of them, so I can’t rightly speak about the man’s talent (or lack thereof, perhaps,) but here’s what the official blurb has to say about the novels, simply titled God Of War:

In the novel God Of War, Kratos, the game’s protagonist, is a great warrior who seeks revenge on the God of War Ares for the deaths of his wife and child. On his journey to Olympus, Kratos must battle great monsters of legend–and fight his own inner demons … Kratos’ quest will take him through a world of Greek mythology transformed, in which the familiar legends take on a terrifying new life–from the Aegean, where Kratos will grapple with the Great Hydra, to the depths of Hades, where Kratos will face death itself, to the heights of Mount Olympus. With all the thrilling action that got fans hooked on the game, the novel God Of War takes us deeper into this fascinating world.

…yep, sounds like the games, all right. Naturally, everybody’s going to be very disappointed if the books don’t viscerally describe – in exacting, precise detail – the gore as Kratos disembowels a satyr. With his teeth.

This announcement comes on the heels of a supposed reveal of details about the GoW movie, and one can only suspect that this is an attempt to keep would-be consumers’ interest in the series high during the wait for the third act in the God of War trilogy. Well … if it is, it’s working.

Once finished with the book, readers are encouraged to viciously break its spine and messily rip out its pages.


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