GOG Adds More Star Wars Games, Free Upgrades For X-Wing and TIE Fighter


GOG’s digital releases of X-Wing and TIE Fighter have been upgraded to include the content from the 1994/1995 Collector’s Editions.

Back in 2014, GOG and Disney thrilled gamers around the world with the announcement that the digital retailer would begin re-releasing LucasArts’ classic library of PC games. Since then the site has added 30 of the studio’s games to its library, with many of them being digital premiers that had never been released before sans disk. Today, in turn, the site has confirmed that it has once again expanded its LucasArts library.

More specifically, GOG has added Star Wars: Jedi Knight II- Jedi Outcast as well as Star Wars: Jedi Knight- Jedi Academy to its library. The site has also released new versions of the FMV shooters Star Wars: Rebel Assault along with its sequel Rebel Assault II. This will be the first time that the Rebel Assault games have been released in a digital format. Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy can be purchased for $9.99 each. The Rebel Assault games also cost $9.99, but are being packaged together so you’re getting two games for that price instead of one.

In addition to these new releases, GOG has also announced that its versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter are being upgraded to include the content from the Collector’s Editions that LucasArts released in 1994 and 1995. The Collector’s Editions improved on the original games’ visuals, re-balanced many of the missions and added a whole slew of new scenarios, cut scenes and vocal performances, among other improvements. The upgrade will be free to all GOG customers who already own the games. Anyone interested in buying them, or the rest of GOG’s Star Wars library for that matter, can also currently find them heavily discounted in a pair of bundles the site has launched to celebrate next week’s Star Wars Day. Both the “Blaster” and “Saber” bundles will be available for purchase until May 7th.

Source: GOG

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