GOG has launched a new six day promotion that will stack discount bundles on top of each to build a “tower of bundles.”

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising and, after months of people having to shovel their way out of a frosty oblivion, the snow is finally melting. That’s right folks, spring is here and with it comes the promise of sunny days and blooming flowers. If we know you like we think do however, the joys of springtime might not be as interesting as the prospect of ignoring them in favor of long, temperate days spent gaming. That in mind, if you’re looking for some material to get the season started, you might consider heading over to GOG which has just launched a new promotion.

Dubbed the Bundle Tower, the new promotion begins today, will last six days and feature a variety of game bundles discounting the site’s digital wares up to 85 percent. Where this sale will differ from the retailer’s previous promotions is that it won’t periodically cycle through a collection of bundles. Rather, GOG aims to build a “tower of bundles,” releasing new collections each day that stack on top of the existing ones. The site intends to include “completely fresh GOG.com game releases” in some of the bundles. The bundles themselves are being kept secret and will only be unveiled on the day of their release.

To start things off, GOG released four bundles today modeled after “the very foundations of PC gaming: RPGs and Adventures.” The bundles include Hasbro RPG Classics, the Divine Trilogy, Lucasfilm Adventures and the entire Broken Sword Saga. The first two will be 80 percent off with the Lucasfilm and Broken Sword bundles having their prices comparatively slashed by 75 percent. Smaller discounts are also being offered for GOG customers interested in buying individual games from the bundles.

Source: GOG

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