Xbox Live’s Major Nelson says that Xbox Live Gold subscription members will increasingly gain access the “latest and greatest” Live content earlier than Silver membership subscribers.

In what is apparently the beginning of a new trend, paying subscribers to Xbox Live’s Gold service gained access today to a newly downloadable Gears of War advertisement, while subscribers to the free Silver service will have to wait.

Xbox Live personality and director of programming Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) commented on his blog that the advertisement will be available to Silver members “probably in about a week.” Although Microsoft has made no official announcement regarding the matter, Hryb added, “This is going to happen more and more (Gold getting things before Silver) so you may want to think about upgrading if you want all the latest and greatest trailers, demos etc.”

Previously, Xbox Live’s downloadable content, which includes game trailers, demos, and add-on content as well as music videos, movie trailers, and other media, has been released at the same time for both Gold and Silver members. Xbox Live’s Silver membership is offered for free, but a Gold membership, which enables online multiplayer gaming and related services, currently costs between $4.16 and $7.99 a month, depending on the length of the subscription plan.

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