Google Maps’ Worldwide Monopoly Game Starts Tomorrow


Internet titan Google and board-game magnate Hasbro have teamed up to launch an ARG-esque version of Monopoly that uses the entire Earth itself (via Google Maps) as a board.

Oh, Monopoly. I’d say that it’s one of the most time-consuming board games in the world if I hadn’t seen the Themis team learning how to play Arkham Horror the other night, but it’s still up there. Now, though, Google and Hasbro are bringing everybody a version of Monopoly that you can play from your chair at home – without ever arguing who gets to be the car and who has to be the thimble.

Monopoly City Streets will give players the chance to become the most powerful (virtual) real estate magnate in the entire world. Would-be tycoons are given $3 million to start the game with, and can buy real-world streets and locations in order to develop them with houses, hotels, skyscrapers, stadiums, and the like.

As in the board game, streets vary in cost, and make Boardwalk and Park Place look like bargains: As Gizmodo notes, Pennsylvania Ave. (home to the White House) goes for a cool $2 million, whereas the English equivalent, Downing St., will set you back a mere $231,000. That’s what, 50 pounds? Maybe 60, even?

The game is scheduled to begin tomorrow, September 9th, so if this tickles your fancy, keep an eye out on the official blog.

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