Take a few minutes to experience your favorite sites from a new perspective.

Everyone has different preferences when browsing the web. Some people use multiple monitors, some people like to read from their smartphones, and some people enjoy navigating their favorite websites through tilt-based marble platformers. Google’s latest experiment with Google Chrome should be a real treat for that last demographic. World Wide Maze morphs web pages into Super Monkey Ball-esque marble mazes, which can be played in-browser or through a smartphone with a built-in accelerometer.

The game uses Chrome’s shareable tabs to sync up with your smartphone without leaving the browser, though it can be played without a phone via keyboard controls. Theoretically, the levels are endless since any website can be dynamically transformed into a marble maze. It isn’t just a simple folding job, either – maps contain multiple vertical levels connected by elevators and filled with collectable spheres to pick up on your way to the goal on the other side of the “page.” Google’s homepage makes for a pretty simple course, while other sites – like, for example, The Escapist – are split into several tiers cut from various sections of the page. Advanced levels include challenges like high-speed jumps which, while exciting, are not terribly conductive to informative reading.

You can check out the World Wide Maze for yourself over at this link. The mazes themselves are an impressive use of the Chrome technology, though the smartphone sync sometimes gets a little finicky. Give it a spin, and let us know how it goes – though we can’t promise a site redesign just for the sake of a more interesting maze.

Source: World Wide Maze

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